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Parish Road Closure Notices

From time to time Feniton Parish Council receive notice of road works and road closures from the County Council for the Parish area. These can be found on this page.

Listed below by anticipated works date are the notices that have been received. The notices give information about when and where the works will take place along with the nature of the work. The notices will also highlight any diversion route associated with the work.

Click on the description to view the notices.

June 2018

Road past Halls Farm, Feniton

July 2018

16-17th York Crescent – Station Road to Wells Avenue

Bittery Cross to Sidmouth Junction (Taleton Road)

Feniton to Buckerell via Curscombe

August 2018

Buckerell Cross to Fenny Bridges Garage

November 2018

Road Closure planned for Talewater for 2 days from 5th November. Diversion will be sign-posted.

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