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Are You Flood Ready?

The Cornwall Community Flood Forum have produced a light humored short video with the aim of advising householders and businesses with a few simple steps on how to get ready in case of floods. The video can be viewed by clicking on the link below and is worth viewing.


National Flood Forum The December 2014 Bulletin from the National Flood Forum has been received and can be viewed HERE. The National Flood Forum supports and represents flood risk communities and offers useful links and advice as well as news from communities around the country.

Queen Elizabeth II Play Area (May 2014). Following the flood run off, and with it the accompanying silt, from the Wain Homes site the swings at QEII had to be fenced off because of the poor ground conditions. The Parish Council have identified new location for the swings on slightly higher ground away from the flood run-off route. However, the swings cannot be moved yet as the pipe for the flood alleviation scheme and a SWW pipe from the Wain Homes development need to be laid through the play area. The exact route of these pipes have not been agreed and the Parish Council has raised its concerns about the time that it is taking to get this organised. Reinstatement of the ground once the pipes have been laid will be undertaken by the EDDC and SWW Contractors and EDDC have been approached to relocate the swings at the same time. The Parish Council is fully aware of the situation and is pressing for action as quickly as possible. Further details of the issues can be found in the minutes of the Council Meetings.

A letter from Neil Parish to the Chief Executive of SWW regarding sewerage flooding within the village and new developments can be seen HERE

A response from Peter Hocking of SWW to questions raised at the FPC Meeting of 9th September can be found HERE. See the FPC minutes of 9th September for the questions regarding the sewerage system in the new village, flooding from same and how the system will handle the future flows from the approved Wain Homes development.

The Feniton Flood Alleviation Scheme Update as of 17th July 2013 can be found HERE

Meeting with Neil Parish MP On 8th February, the Chairman of Feniton Parish Council met with representatives of the Environment Agency and Neil Parish, our Member of Parliament. Neil wanted to see in more detail the reasons for the flooding and how the allieviation scheme would work. Various sites were visited, including some of the fields where there has been a lot of run off. It was the EA’s opinion that the farmers could do very little to stop the problem, in view of the weather we have been experiencing over the last year and the particular soil structure.

Neil is strongly behind the village and has commited to doing all he can to get the project off the ground. He also strongly agreed that any further development should only take place if the developers “pay up front” for drainage improvements.
The Chairman took the opportunity to talk to the EA about how further development could only add to the problem and that in the circumstances the EA should take a more proactive approach to the issue, rather than rely on EDDC running with standing instructions. They have taken away the concerns and promised to look into them.

7th February Parish Council reps and the Flood Wardens coordinators met with the EA’s flood resilience Officer to take forward the Emergency Flood Plan. The EA were very complimentary of the plan so far, which has been the result of the hard work put in by the coordinators.

Great news EDDC in early January agreed to allocate £500,000 towards the new flood scheme for Feniton, phased over 2 years, and on 29th January DEFRA agreed to fund a further £500,000. The balance of £600,000 will now be sort from DCC. This is an excellent result and does mean the scheme is likely to go forward more quickly than hoped.

It has been over 4 years since the flooding claimed so many houses in the village, including the Parish Church.The Parish Council, along with our Devon County Councillor and our EDDC Councillor have worked extremely hard, against all odds, to achieve such a remarkable result.

Sand and sandbags Sand is to be delivered to various sites around the village. We now have a new stock of empty sandbags. There are also 50 filled sandbags at the QEII, ready for use. Our new Flood Wardens have done an excellent job in getting this initiative off the ground.

A letter dated 6th February from Minister for Planning Nick Boles MP reference the flooding at Feniton is HERE

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