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Finance Page for 2015-2016

On this page you can find information pertaining to the Feniton Parish Council finances for the year 2015-2016.

The External Audit of the accounts of Feniton Parish Council has now been carried out and the results can be seen by clicking on the links below:

Notice of Conclusion of Audit

Section 1 – Annual Governance Statement

Section 2 – Accounting Statement

Section 3 – External Audit Certificate

Annual Internal Audit Report

The Notice of Inspection, which can be found HERE, gave the general public the opportunity to see and comment upon the finances of the council.

The year end finances can be observed in detail by clicking the link HERE with an end of year Bank Reconciliation HERE.

A breakdown of the expenditure payments can be found HERE which apportions the payments under various headings.

Finally a list of the Fixed Assets that Feniton Parish Council have is included HERE.

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