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Click on the link for information on the Flood Warden Scheme and Simple Steps to Stay Safe

The Flood Warden scheme is a Feniton Parish Council initiative. The team consists of members from the Parish Council, and volunteers from the community of Feniton, Feniton Old Village and Fenny Bridges. Susie Bond and Jayne Blackmore are the co-ordinators and have worked very closely with the Environment Agency’s Flood Resilience Officer. Feniton is now on the Environment Agency radar and the co-ordinators will be contacted if there is a flood alert.

Flood Wardens will provide practical help in the event of heavy rain, as experienced in October 2008, July, November and December 2012, January 2013 and more recent events.  The wardens receive flood alerts from the co-ordinators and help vulnerable residents with sandbags, sweep away leaves to keep drains flowing freely where possible, and provide practical help in the event of properties being flooded.

Susie Bond, Jayne Blackmore and the Environment Agency’s Flood Resilience Officer have produced a community flood plan and a flow chart which have been verified and distributed to flood wardens.

Contact details for the flood wardens can be found HERE and offers of emergency accommodation have also been produced. There is also a list of community/rest centres to be used in the event of evacuation from people’s homes. Emergency equipment such as space blankets, blankets and a first aid box along with cones, road closed signs and other useful items are stored at the Feniton Sports and Social Club.

This essential and important scheme has proved its worth over the years and the Feniton Parish Council, flood co-ordinators and flood wardens will continue to work closely with the Environment Agency to ensure the safety of Feniton residents.

Jayne Blackmore and Susie Bond.

Flood Wardens Contact List

A document from the Environment Agency on the use of Sandbags has been received and can be accessed HERE

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