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Appeal Super Inquiry 2014


The Appeal Decision has been published by the Planning Inspector. The three appeals for the Land to the West of Ottery Road and the Wain Homes Site have been dismissed. The site for 32 homes at Feniton Park has been allowed but with significant conditions attached and the proviso that the Development must be started within two years. The full text of the Planning Decision can be viewed HERE. Although the site at Feniton Park has been allowed, the decision to dismiss the other appeals (for up to 203 houses) has been a vindication of the Parish Council opposition to the Developers who have targeted Feniton in recent years.

Neil Parish MP has written to the Planning Inspector presiding over the Appeal Super Inquiry to be held in January 2014. The letter can be read HERE

Feniton Parish Council are committed to fighting the unwanted developments being targeted at Feniton where, if the appeals are successful, the village would increase in size by 40%.

Feniton Parish Council have taken the view, following a long history of inappropriate developments within the village and with the support of the majority of the residents, that they should be represented at the Appeal hearing to enable the local residents objections to be heard. To this end FPC appointed a Planning and Environmental Consultant to represent them at the hearing.

In order to limit the cost to the local taxpayers, and ensure that local services continue to be supported FPC started an appeal for donations for a fighting fund to ensure that the council reserves are protected as much as possible.

The appeal target is £10,000 and FPC launched the appeal at the public meeting held on Monday 4th November and were gratified by the level of support on the night, where a queue formed to donate.

Residents and altruistic patrons kindly donated a total of £2,050  by November 6th, which FPC acknowledged is a great start. Additional monies have also been donated directly at Parish Council meetings and via a collection box and pledge sheets. The updated donation total as of 10th February has been confirmed at £7,857.54 which is an amazing total and indicates the level of opposition to development with the village. The monies are being used to offset the cost of FPCs representation at the Appeal hearing which has recently finished.

FPC are committed to fighting for the residents of Feniton Parish and with the assistance of Feniton Parish supporters FPC have the best chance of putting the case against the over development threatening to swamp the village. Anyone can donate to the fighting fund and if you feel that you wish to donate to this cause please contact the Parish Clerk, Bridget Floodgate on 07842 041798 or via email at feniton.parish.clerk@live.co.uk . Cheques or money can also be left at an FPC collection box at Hair Xpress, next to the Spar . Cheques should be made payable to Feniton Parish Council.


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  1. Caroline Cousens says:

    To Martin and everyone who has been involved in this epic struggle to defend Feniton – may I say thanks for all the hardwork. I will be (as I have for years,) be, placing copies of our PARISH MAGAZINE with The Devon Record Office at Sowton, where they are stored in ideal conditions. and where they are available for future study. The Record Office hold much information on Feniiton ie. Tennis Club minutes Young Wives Group, etc. and I have tried to encourage residents to add to this. The one record I would love to find and lodge is the records and minutes of the Residents Committee who fought and reopened Feniton Station about 1970 0’s It was then called Sidmouth Junction. It was the first reopened station from the Beeching closures. If anyone knows of their whereabouts, could they contact me on Honiton 850102. Caroline Cousens Thanks.

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