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A-Z of Recycling and Disposal Route

A-Z of recycling and disposals
Want to know what you can recycle in East Devon? Here’s a handy list of every day materials that you can recycle and separate in to your green box, green sack and blue food waste bin for weekly collection from the kerbside. We’ve also listed items that we are unable to recycle and will need to go in to your waste bin which is collected every three weeks. A pdf of the list can be downloaded HERE.

You may find that there are alternative ways to reuse or recycle some items such as charity shops, reuse shops or recycling centres. Some of these methods are listed below.

Items marked with a * should be placed into a plastic bag before being placed into the container

Item-Disposal method
Aerosol cans (empty) Green sack
Air freshener (electric)* Green box
Aluminium foil/trays Green sack
Animal waste/bedding Grey bin
Ash (cold) Grey bin
Baby nappies Grey bin
Baby wipes Grey bin
Baking tray (metal) Recycling centre Grey bin
Bath sponges Grey bin
Batteries* Green box
Birthday cards (non-glitter type) Green box
Blister packs Grey bin
Bones Blue food caddy
Books (paperback) Green box
Books (hardback) Remove covers – Green box
Bread bags Grey bin
Brochures/catalogues Green box
Brown paper Green box
Broken glass (wrapped) Grey bin
Bubble wrap Grey bin
Building rubble Recycling Centre
Candles Grey bin
Cans (food and drink) Green sack
Car batteries Recycling centre
Cardboard/cardboard packaging Green box
Cards (greetings cards, non-glitter) Green box
Carpets Recycling centre
Carrier/plastic bags Grey bin
Cartons/Tetrapaks Green sack
Cat litter – (bagged) Grey bin
CD’s/Videos/tapes Recycling centre Grey bin
Cellophane Grey bin
Cereal bags (inner bag) Grey bin
Cereal boxes Green box
Christmas cards (non-glitter) Green box
Cling film/thin plastic Grey bin
Clocks (battery)* Green box
Clocks (no battery) Grey bin
Clothes and Shoes* Green box
Coat hangers Grey bin
Coffee cup (disposable) Grey bin
Coffee grounds Blue food caddy
Coffee pods Grey bin
Cooking fat Allow to cool – grey bin
Cooking oil Recycling centre
Cork Grey bin
Cotton wool Grey bin
Cotton buds Grey bin
Crockery Recycling centre Grey bin
Crisp packets and sweet wrappers Grey bin
Crisp tubes Green box
Cushions Recycling centre Grey bin
Cutlery Recycling Centre Grey bin
Dental floss Grey bin
Disposable razors Grey bin
Drink cartons Green sack
Drinking glasses Recycling centre or Grey bin (wrapped if broken)
Duvets/pillows Recycling centre or Grey bin
Egg boxes (card) Green box
Egg boxes (plastic) Green sack
Engine oil Recycling centre
Envelopes (non-padded and paper) Green box
Envelopes (padded) Grey bin
Elastic bands Grey bin
Electrical items (small)* Green box
Electrical items (large) Recycling centre / bulky waste service
Electric blanket* Green box
Flat glass Recycling centre
Flower pots Recycling centre Grey bin
Fruit/vegetables Blue food caddy
Foil (clean) Green sack
Food trays (hard plastic) Green sack
Food trays (soft plastic Green sack
Food waste Blue food caddy
Furniture Recycling centre / bulky waste service
Garden plants/weeds/grass cuttings Recycling centre
Gas bottles Recycling centre
Glass bottles and jars Green box
Glassware/Pyrex Recycling centre
Greaseproof paper Grey bin
Hair Grey bin
Hoover dust Grey bin
Household/garden chemicals/detergents Recycling centre
Ice-cream tub Green sack
Incontinence pads Grey bin
Inflatable plastic items Recycling centre Grey bin
Ink cartridges Recycling centre Grey bin
Inhaler Aerosol green sack Plastic in grey bin
Jars (glass) Green box
Jar lids Green sack
J Cloth Grey bin
Jiffy bags (padded envelope) Grey bin
Junk mail (remove plastic bags) Green box
Kitchen food waste Blue caddy
Kitchen roll tubes Green box
Keyboard (computer)* Green box
Laminated paper Grey bin
Lamps (remove shade) Green box
Laundry pegs Grey bin
Leather clothing Green box
Lightbulbs (energy saving) Recycling centre and some Town councils or Grey bin
Light bulbs (fluorescent tubes) Recycling centre
Magazines Green box
Margarine tubs Green sack
Meat trays (plastic) Green sack
Metal (pots, pans and trays) Recycling centre Grey bin
Milk bottles (plastic) Green sack
Mobile phones* Green box
Motorbike battery Recycling centre
Nappies Grey bin
Newspapers Green box
Office paper Green box
Packaging peanuts Grey bin
Paint tins Recycling centre
Paper Green box
Paper towels Grey bin
Papier mache Grey bin
Pens Grey bin
Pet food pouches Grey bin
Pet food tins and trays (clean) Green sack
Photographs Grey bin
Pillow cases* Green box
Pillows Recycling centre Grey bin
Plasters Grey bin
Plastic bottles/containers Green sack
Plastic bags Grey bin (recyclable in some supermarkets)
Plastic food trays/punnets Green sack
Plastic film Grey bin
Plastic netting Grey bin
Plastic plant pots Recycling centre Grey bin
Plastic toys Recycling centre Grey bin
Postcards Green box
Pots and Pans (metal) Recycling centre Grey bin
Polystyrene Grey bin
Pyrex Recycling centre Grey bin
Razor blades Grey bin
Remote control* Green box
Roll-on deodorant bottle Green sack
Rubber gloves Grey bin
Sanitary wear Grey bin
Scrap metal Recycling centre
Sheets (textiles)* Green box
Shredded paper (bagged)* Green box
Soft toys (stuffed) Recycling Centre Grey bin
Spectacles Grey bin
Styrofoam Grey bin
Sweet/chocolate/biscuit containers (tin) Green sack
Sweet wrappers Grey bin
Tablet packing (preformed plastic) Grey bin
Takeaway container (plastic) Green sack
Takeaway container (foil) Green sack
Takeaway pizza boxes Grey bin
Tea bags/leaves Blue food caddy
Teddy bears Recycling centre Grey bin
Tetra Pak Green sack
Thermos flask Grey bin
Tiles (ceramic or roof) Recycling centre
Tin (food) Green sack
Tissues Grey bin
Tissue boxes (cardboard) Green box
Toilet roll tubes Green box
Toothbrush (electric) – remove brush part* Green box
Toothbrush (non-electric) Grey bin
Toothpaste tubes Grey bin
Toothpaste pump Green sack
Tupperware containers Recycling centre or Grey bin
Wallpaper (used or unused) Grey bin
Washing powder boxes (card) Green box
Washing powder/capsule box (plastic) Green sack
Washing up liquid bottles Green sack
Washing up sponges Grey bin
Watches (with battery) Green box
Watches (no battery) Grey bin
Water filters Grey bin
Wet wipes Grey bin
Wood/timber Recycling centre
Wrapping paper (non-metallic) Green box
Wrapping paper (metallic/glitter) Grey bin
Yellow pages Green box
Yoghurt/margarine tubs Green sack
If you feel that we have missed anything then please email us on

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