Feniton Parish Council



The Council have been in contact with the organiser of the Beautiful Days festival regarding parking permits for residents, as has been usual in recent years.

However, due to new legislation, known as the CPE (civil (decriminalised) parking enforcement) regime parking permits no longer have any value and may lead to more problems with the parking suspension than they solve.

The organisers have successfully applied for a Temporary Traffic Order (parking suspension) which means now that everyone is subject to it but as per last year they will have CSAS staff (these are traffic management staff accredited by the Police) in place, which seemed to do the trick with controlling traffic. The Police will also routinely check on local roads, laybys and in/around the parking suspension areas. Members of the organisers’ traffic teams will also routinely drive in around and local villages, particularly at peak times.

The Council also received  the following message: ‘While I know this may not be the answer you were anticipating for this year, we don’t anticipate this leading to problems for local residents and are more than happy to give you the 24hr site office telephone number which is where management/security/traffic/Police are based and if anyone has any genuine concerns or problems then they are welcome to call us and we will do what we can to help – involving sending teams to specific properties if necessary. Please feel free to pass this on – the site office telephone number is 01404 823673.’ The organiser’s can also be contacted on 01392 437733 during office hours from 14th August 2017.


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