Feniton Parish Council



In 1976 a Twinning Charter was signed, in Louvigny, by the Chairman of Feniton Parish Council and the Mayor of Louvigny. In 1977 a reciprocal Charter was signed in Feniton. Those Charters are on the wall of the Village Hall Annex.

A group from Feniton went to Louvigny over the first weekend of September, to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the signing of the Charter and were entertained by a very packed weekend.

The Friday evening commenced with some speeches by both the Mayor of Louvigny and the Chairman of Feniton Parish Council. Following the speeches, some presentations were made. Feniton Parish Council presented Louvigny with a framed print of an old map of Feniton, which will be hung in the Mairie. The Twinning Association presented to the President of Louvigny’s Twinning Committee  an album of photographs of how Feniton looks today. The Mayor then presented the Parish Council with a large oil painting, specially commissioned, of the banks of the river Orne, in Louvigny. The French Twinning President then presented the group with another commissioned oil painting of a view of Louvigny. Hopefully these will be on display in the Village Hall in the future.

After the presentations, there were aperitifs, while a local professional choir entertained us. Our piper, Ed Stringer, then played for a short set. We then sat down to a cold banquet.

On the Saturday, there were various entertainments including a petanque (French bowls) competition and a ramble, taking in some of the beautiful parts of the village (7 miles!)

In the evening the group were entertained by a local rock band playing a complete repertoire of English songs. There was then an open air buffet, followed by an open air cinema showing Shaun le mouton. The French version of Shaun the sheep! There was then a firework display to end the evening.

Sunday morning, some of the group met at the war memorial where wreaths were laid. The Chairman of Feniton Parish Council jointly laid one with the mayor and the Deputé for the area and the Senatrice (female Senator) also laid one. Following the laying of wreaths, Ed Stringer, in full regalia piped.

Lunch was then served and there was a choice of various dishes, including English fish and chips! After lunch there were various entertainments, including pedalos on the river. There was also a folk band, playing traditional instruments and there was dancing. In the evening the group were entertained to dinner at a local restaurant.

The weekend was a huge success and the reciprocal visit to Feniton will take place next year over the second weekend of September (8th – 11th ) 2017. Anyone wishing to get involved in helping to plan the weekend should get in touch with the Chairman of the Council.

A few photos giving you a taste of the weekend can be viewed HERE and the link below will take you to a video of the main event.



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