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Feniton Parish Council sets aside a sum of money each year that can be applied for by organisations in the parish for projects that will be of benefit to the residents.

Application forms and further information is available on the link below.  Applications will only be considered on a yearly basis. Applications to be considered in March 2015 should be with the parish office by Friday 28th November. Only application forms/letters received by these dates will be considered at the meetings.
The Application Form is available to download in Word and PDF Form by clicking on the links below:

 S137 Grant Application Form (Word)

S137 Grant Application Form (PDF)

Notes on applying see below

Please return completed application forms to the parish office or email to the clerk at


Guidance notes for applying for a grant


Feniton Parish Council asks that a request for a grant be submitted in writing and that as much of the following information as possible is supplied:


  1. Some background to the group applying for the grant– its objectives or what it does.

For larger grants, a statement of their financial affairs and/or details of previous

fund-raising activities.

  1. How the grant is intended to be spent and a timescale.
  1. The amount required or a suggested amount if this is a contribution.
  1. The benefit to the residents or businesses of Feniton. For example, if the money is requested for a group or club, how many local residents are involved?
  1. The value for money or appropriateness of the grant request to the Parish Council
  1. An indication of the funds held by the organisation/ reason for seeking a grant
  1. After the event – some feedback in the form of a statement of how the money was used.

In addition the Parish Council would welcome a representative at their December meeting to answer any questions which may arise whilst the grant is being considered.


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